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What is MUCOROY and what is it used for?

MUCOROY is a drug that can be consumed after being completely dissolved in water. Contains 10 sachets in a cardboard box.

MUCOROY is in heat-sealed sachets made of paper-aluminum polyethylene foil.

MUCOROY contains acetylcysteine as the active ingredient. Acetylcysteine is a derivative of the amino acid cysteine. Acetylcysteine is a medication that can be used as a mucolytic in patients with certain lung conditions.

MUCOROY is a mucolytic (breaks down phlegm and mucus) drug used in the treatment of chronic bronchopulmonary (bronchial and lung) diseases that require the removal and reduction of thick sputum and the facilitating of expectoration (expelling sputum).

It is also used to prevent liver failure caused by high dose paracetamol intake.


Active ingredient: Each one sachet contains 1200 mg acetylcysteine.

Excipients: Sucralose, sorbitol, and blackberry flavor

How to use MUCOROY?

In diseases involving the respiratory tract, 1 sachet is used once a day to reduce increased secretion and facilitate excretion.

Application route and method:

MUCOROY is to be taken by mouth only.

After turning your medicine into solution, you can take it on an empty or full stomach.

Preparation of the medicine:

Pour the contents of sachet into a cup of water and add 100 ml of drinking water (about half cup). Stirring ensures complete dissolution. The opaque solution is given orally.

After preparation, it should be used immediately, and the remaining part should be disposed of.



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